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01 January 2024
Membrane manufacturers specify strict parameters for membrane cleaning chemicals, pH, temperature and methodology. Extremes of alkalinity and temperature can result in hydrolysis of the cellulose acetate, or polyamide, rejection layer of a membrane.
23 April 2020
H2O Innovation Inc. is pleased to announce a new product range from its independent subsidiary, Genesys,dedicated to the mining industry. The manufacturer of specialty chemicals for water treatment systems, Genesys, launched the Genmine range follow
15 November 2019
H2O Innovation pleased to report the completion of the previously announced acquisition, on October 28, 2019, of Genesys Holdings Limited, Genesys Manufacturing Limited, Genesys International Limited and Genesys North America, LLC (collectivel
14 December 2018
Both Gregory Gibson, our research chemist, and Andy Hardy, our expert export supervisor, had their first children this year. Daniel was born on 12 July and Mollie exactly two months later on 12 September. The fathers are in constant contact for mut
09 October 2018
This September the big show of the European Desalination Society (EDS) took place in Athens. There were 40 exhibitors and 1,000 attendees and 140 papers were presented. During the event, Ursula handed the mantle of EDS President over to Maria Kenne
24 July 2018
This April and May the South African city of Capetown was in danger of running out of water completely. A huge raft of conservation measures applied to industry, agriculture and the population just held off disaster. As I flew out to attend the Wate
10 July 2018
In April we enjoyed our annual weekend away, this time to Munich. This was the first one for Gregory Gibson and his wife Rebecca. Gregory has a PhD in Chemistry from Queen’s University Belfast and joined our R&D department as a research chem
15 May 2018
John Eckersley celebrated 15 years at Genesys in April. We marked the occasion with a special presentation from Ted and Ursula when we were in Munich.
06 April 2018
Genesys Managing Director Steve Chesters is pleased to announce the launch of two new Genesol cleaning products. These new formulations are based on our extremely successful powdered 700 series microbubble technology cleaners. They have been under de
08 November 2017
By Phil Morton This was my first experience of the International Desalination Association (IDA) world congress and I was not disappointed by the variety of topics and the content of papers. There was even a whole session dedicated to my area of expe

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