10 July 2018

Genesys weekend away

In April we enjoyed our annual weekend away, this time to Munich.

This was the first one for Gregory Gibson and his wife Rebecca. Gregory has a PhD in Chemistry from Queen’s University Belfast and joined our R&D department as a research chemist at the beginning of the year.

We hadn’t realised when we booked that our stay would coincide with Munich’s Springfest. While not as big as Oktoberfest, it has a similar theme, with steins of beer being served in outdoor beer gardens under the chestnut trees. We had a lengthy session at the Hofbräuhaus, with traditional Bavarian food and music and a whip snapping demonstration.

Although it went against British politeness for most of us, we found that adopting the Bavarian custom of being rude to waiters somehow commanded their respect, resulting in better service as well as some very amusing intercultural exchanges. Stephane’s Parisian manners came in handy and he was much better at this than the rest of us.

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