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01 November 2017
In June 2017, after a long struggle with failing eyesight, María Jiménez had to leave Genesys Spain. Though she was reluctant to leave and her colleagues were very sorry to see her go, María’s sight loss left her no other choice. She had work
31 October 2017
Genesys has held distributor conferences every two years since 2003. In September we held our eighth, at Peckforton castle, attended by over 40 delegates from 25 different countries. The theme was strategic account selling. Just one big account can
04 October 2017
Matt and Jo Armstrong brought Libby Armstrong into the world on 3 July. Thankfully Libby has her mothers good looks and only inherited her father’s temperament.
02 August 2017
Matt Armstrong couldn’t attend Aquatech China last year because of his wedding and this year because of daughter Libbie’s arrival, so I had the pleasure of attending again this June. This is a truly massive event with 83,500 visitors and 1,900 e
12 May 2017
The first quarter of this year has been our best start ever, and we are already 20% up on last year. March was a record month, with us despatching 400 tonnes of products, 50 tonnes more than our previous best. It has been just as busy in the field
09 May 2017
It’s that time again. Every two years we hold our distributor conference to provide technical training and updates and develop strategies for increasing sales. 40 of our distributors will be joining us for the conference in September, where the the
03 May 2017
Since Asif Sheikh joined Genesys from Nalco in April 2016 he has been consistently impressed with our unique cleaners and especially our patented approach of using microbubbles for enhanced membrane cleaning. The Genairclean system combines Genesol 7
01 May 2017
Some of the Genesys team and their partners enjoyed a fabulous weekend away this April in Porto, Portugal. Porto is famous for its port wine, bridges and churches and for inspiring JK Rowling to write her Harry Potter books. Our group of 26 spotted
05 April 2017
Our most notable autopsy so far this year was conducted on a membrane that was suspected of being damaged following chemical cleaning. The clean had been conducted using a homemade batch of sodium hydroxide and EDTA, followed by hydrochloric acid. Th
01 March 2017
Both Max Fazel in the UK and Nuria Peña in Madrid have continued to test Genesol 61, our pH-neutral cleaner. What we are finding is that using it after cleaning with Genesol 704, our multifunction high pH cleaner with effervescent, gives better resu

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