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Genairclean is a unique spiral wound membrane cleaning method which combines multiple chemical mechanisms with microbubble technology to improve cleaning efficiency. The Genesol 700 range of membrane cleaning chemicals incorporate effervescent micro-bubble components with direct osmosis which combine to improve both organic and inorganic deposit removal from RO and NF membranes.

The Genairclean system introduces air into the chemical cleaning solution via the Genairator microbubble generator. The pulsing stream of 5-micron microbubbles works in combination with our chemical cleaners to create shear forces and turbulence which mechanically disrupt foulants on the membrane surface, the inducted air works in conjunction with the chemical to create the optimum size and volume of bubbles to cover the entire membrane surface. The process significantly shortens cleaning times and frequency.

Genairclean videos
Genairclean video I
Introducing the solution
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Genairclean video II
The process in depth
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Useful downloads:

Genairclean Application Guide Enhanced cleaning of RO/NF spiral wound membranes using “microbubble” technology
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Microbubble RO membrane cleaning reduces fouling on WWRO plant. Over the last ten years there have been significant developments in new devices for energy recovery, new membrane materials, and new sizes and orientations of reverse osmosis (RO) plants...
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883 Kb
RO membrane cleaning using microbubbles at 6,800m3/day Wastewater RO Plant in UAE. It is well known that any fouling of the membrane surface has a dramatic effect on energy consumption and plant efficiency...
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1036 Kb
RO Membrane Cleaning - explaining the science behind the art. Reverse Osmosis membrane cleaning is essential for efficient plant operation and yet there has been very little innovation or development in over 30 years. This paper reviews best practice on reverse osmosis (RO) membrane cleaning. It challenges preconceptions and describes novel approaches for the removal of foulants and scale deposits from membrane surfaces.
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994 Kb
Genairclean RO Membrane Cleaning Case Study A Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis (BWRO) system with a history of rapid and consistent membrane fouling was selected to trial the new ‘Genairclean’ micro-bubble multi-mechanism RO membrane cleaning method.
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A revolutionary new approach to
membrane cleaning
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