01 January 2024

Genesol 61 cellulose acetate cleaner

Membrane manufacturers specify strict parameters for membrane cleaning chemicals, pH, temperature and methodology. Extremes of alkalinity and temperature can result in hydrolysis of the cellulose acetate, or polyamide, rejection layer of a membrane. Cellulose acetate is extremely sensitive to pH, and most membrane manufacturers recommend a pH of between of 3 and 9 for cleaning. These limitations make the removal of complex fouling matrices combining organics, biofilm, clay and metals difficult.

We’ve formulated the liquid membrane cleaner, Genesol 61, to enhance removal of these complex foulants at a pH of 7-7.8, to avoid the membrane damage that can be caused by repeated use of high or low pH cleaning solutions.

Genesol 61 is classified as non-hazardous and has excellent health and safety and environmental profiles. It is based on a strong complexing agent which is free from EDTA and NTA and its neutral pH means there’s no need to neutralise the waste cleaning solution before disposing of it.

The unique formulation of Genesol 61 breaks down fouling matrices comprising organics, biofilm, clay and metals such as iron and manganese. The chelating effect destabilises the foulant matrix, allowing surfactant and detergent molecules to penetrate the foulant layer and aid removal.

Recent work in the US has shown how effective this product is at removing foulants from ceramic membranes. More on this in the next newsletter.

If you would like a Genesol 61 factsheet, including case studies, research results and more details of its mode of action, please email Matt Armstrong at sales.chemicals@h2oinnovation.com.

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