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Selecting an effective solution

Successful membrane cleaning depends primarily on the nature of the foulant. Before selecting cleaning chemicals and designing a cleaning protocol it is vitally important to correctly identify the deposit or foulant. We can help with our membrane autopsy service.

For the most effective cleaning, and therefore reduced cleaning frequency, conditions of pH, temperature and contact time are important. We've provided the information below for guidance; however we would recommend asking us to design a cleaning protocol for you. Please contact us.

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Product Datasheets Description Activity
NEW Genesol UF Fe Download Oxalic acid based cleaner for U.F. systems Iron and Manganese fouling
NEW Genesol UF 2 Download Acidic pH, Osmotic cleaner for U.F. Systems Acid soluble scales and Iron
NEW Genesol UF 12 Download High pH, effervescent, Osmotic Cleaner for U.F. systems Biofouling, Proteins, Alumino-Silicates, Organics
NEW Genesol 721 Download Low foaming, osmotic effect, powder acid cleaner Acid soluble scales and Iron
NEW Genesol 80 Download On line and off line cleaner targeting biofilm Disrupts & inhibits biofilm development
NEW Genesol UF7 Download Neutral pH cleaner for Ultra Filtration systems Organic and inorganic foulant removal
Genesol 34 Download Alkaline chelant, non-ionic surfactant Organics, biofilm, sulphate and silica
Genesol 36 Download Anionic surfactant adjunct Organics and biofilm
Genesol 37 Download Strong nitric/phosphoric acid Mineral scale
Genesol 38 Download Organic acid, non-ionic dispersant Iron and inorganic scale
Genesol 40 Download Alkaline detergent, surfactant, sequesterant Biofilm and organics
Genesol 50 Download Alkaline chelant adjunct Inorganic and organic foulants
Genesol 703 Download Powdered alkaline detergent, surfactant, sequesterant Alumino-silicate (clay) and biofilm
Genesol 704 Download High pH detergent, ionic strength builder & bubble generation Biofilm, organic fouling & aluminosilicates
Genesol 734 Download Powdered alkaline cleaner, ionic strength & microbubble generation, non-hazardous for transport Biofilm, organics & clays
Genesol 764 Download Powdered alkaline cleaner with microbubble generation, EDTA free & non-hazardous for transport Biofilm, organics & clays

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