20 November 2013

Aquatech Amsterdam

Aquatech Amsterdam seemed a bit quiet this year, maybe due to the concentration of other conferences and exhibitions around the same time.

Visitors to our stand saw demonstrations of our new scaling prediction software, Membrane Master 4, which incorporates all the Genesys antiscalant products along with the latest data and saturation curves for different types of scaling.

We’ve completely rewritten the program in a new computer language. This both makes it easier to use and distinguishes
it from products available from various companies new to the market place.

The new version is graphically dynamic and much more intuitive. As a result it takes users around half the time to run projections. It’s also now possible to generate and immediately save a PDF report.

You can request the new software through our website at www.genesysro.com/free-software.

We also had a flat sheet test rig with a polycarbonate viewing window on display, which makes it possible to see how, and how quickly, the membrane is cleaned. This generated lots of interest.

Our Genairclean system received an enthusiastic response. It seems plant operators have been looking out for something new to try for many years. We hope to be able to share some case studies in the New Year.

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