12 November 2013

IDA Tiajin

This was a fantastic conference for us. We launched our Genairclean microbubble membrane cleaning system and presented five papers, which were very well received. You can download these from our website.

Nuria Peña from Genesys Membrane Products, our sister company in Spain, presented an excellent paper on abrasion and oxidation damage to RO membranes – you can download it here. In a very tense awards closing ceremony Nuria’s paper was voted best oral paper in the membrane section. Well done to all the Madrid laboratory staff involved – Javier Rodriquez and Alberto Borrell as well as Nuria herself.

Rachel Wilson presented the first of our papers focused on Genairclean, entitled ‘Air bubbles enhance membrane cleaning: a future perspective’. This went down well with the audience and apparently ran close to picking up the young leaders presentation award.

Max Fazel’s paper then demonstrated that no damage is caused by using the Genairclean microbubble cleaning approach, based on membrane autopsy results.

I presented two papers. The first covered some of our recent innovations in membrane cleaning – high ionic strength products, effervescence and microbubbles and how we bring them all together in one effective cleaning approach. My second presentation was part of the IDA white paper sessions, which take a broader view of topical desalination issues. I spoke about ‘The science behind the art of membrane cleaning’, drawing some parallels with criminal investigations. A kind of CSI for membranes – surveying the crime scene, forensics, identifying suspects and arresting those that have committed crimes against membranes!

We’ll soon be adding an animation explaining the Genairclean process to our website, so keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, if you have a plant that you think may benefit from this innovative approach, please email me at schesters@genesysro.com, putting ‘Genairclean’ in the subject line.

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