23 October 2012

Latin America update

Recently ALADYR, the Latin American society for desalination and water reuse, organized the III International Desalination Seminar in Antofagasta, Chile. At the event it announced its new board, which included Jaime Sepulveda, Genesys Latinoamérica’s Director of Operations. Congratulations Jaime!

ALADYR was founded in Chile in November 2010 and is working on expanding its coverage to help researchers, companies and individuals involved in desalination across Latin America.

Fernando del Vigo has been very busy with seven trips to Latin America this year, including Chile, Argentina, Peru and Mexico. Xavier Prado Hernández, Director General of our Mexican distributor, Kurimexicana, contacted us saying: “My colleagues of Kurimexicana and myself would like to extend you our recognition for the nice presentation given by Mr Fernando del Vigo during our 3rd International Workshop, in which we had more than 85 participants, including six of our distributors, and 40 different companies around Mexico. We have great hopes that this will help us push GENESYS products and services in Mexico.”

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