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Membrane autopsy results demonstrate that cleaning efficiency has a significant impact on operational costs. Practical experiences show that although cleaning techniques have changed little in the past 30 years this is an area of expertise where operational improvements give our customers significant cost savings.

Extensive laboratory and pilot testing of fouled RO and NF membranes has demonstrated that the “Genairclean Method” aids foulant removal whilst reducing cleaning frequency and downtime.

The “Genairclean Method” uses micro-bubbles formed by combining inducted air with specialist multi-component membrane cleaners. The objective of the “Genairclean Method” is to:

Increased foulant/deposit removal Reduce HP pump energy consumption Reduce Clean in Place (CIP) frequency and system downtime Reduce chemical use and disposal Increase membrane life


Why use "Genairclean?"

Membrane cleaning frequency has a major impact on system downtime, output, chemical usage and membrane life. Research shows that the “Genairclean Method” can encourage foulant removal which reduces energy costs. The more foulant removed during the cleaning cycle the longer the system takes to re-foul. For this reason Genairclean has a positive impact on cleaning frequency, chemical costs (and chemical disposal), membrane life and operational efficiency.

How is Genairclean used?

During the ‘soaking’ phase Genesol products loosen deposits at the membrane surface. During soaking the high ionic strength of the cleaning solution causes permeate water to flow to the feed side of the membrane via normal osmosis. This lifts layers of deposits from the feed side of the membrane. During the subsequent ‘circulation’ phase the Genairator system creates an evenly distributed flow of air bubbles along the membrane surface that agitates and lifts the foulants. Soaking and recirculation phases are used in turn.

How are the Microbubbles generated?

The Genairclean system uses a dual approach to bubble generation. Air is inducted into the cleaning solution through the Genairator device as well as forming from the Genesol cleaner. Air bubbles from the inducted air stream will only be the correct size and flow evenly over the membrane surface in combination with the Genesol chemicals.

How much does the Genairator system cost to operate?

The Genairator system does need energy to operate so costs nothing. As the purpose of Genairclean is to reduce fouling and cleaning frequency, operational costs will be lower. In this system Genesol products must be used in combination with the Genairator system to ensure correct bubble size and distribution.

What is the purpose of the micro-bubbles?

When combined with the Genesol chemicals small bubbles create shear force which agitate and remove membrane foulants. Size and distribution of the microbubbles is critical to cover the entire membrane surface and penetrate the spacer.

Can I use compressed air to generate bubbles?

Previous research has shown that using compressed air on spiral wound membranes results large bubbles getting which may stick in the feed spacer. Poor flow and distribution results in channelling and can cause membrane damage.

Will Genairclean damage my membranes?

Development of the Genairclean system has taken three years. During the research phase we tested many 8-inch elements from several manufacturers. Repeated cleaning simulated a 2-year cycle was followed up by membrane autopsy. This showed clearly that there was no detrimental effect on salt rejection and flux rates.

What feed water source can be used?

The Genairclean system can be used on any feed water source (Sea Water, Brackish Water & Waste Water RO), it is particularly advantageous on systems which encounter a greater degree of fouling such as water reuse systems, Industrial water reuse, waste water, open BW intakes.

Can Genairclean be used with existing plants?

It is simple to install the Genairator device into an existing CIP system. We can calculate the correct size from the make of CIP pump, flow rate and pressure. Generally the Genairator will be operational within the same day.

Can I use the Genairclean without using Genesys chemicals?

Research showed that bubble size, volume and distribution have a major influence on foulant removal. One component of Genesol 704 and Genesol 701 optimises bubble conditions. Genesol products have multiple components designed specifically to enhance removal of different types of foulant.

How do you know it works?

From laboratory and practical studies looking at four distinct features:

  • Bubble size - A flat Sheet Test Rig with viewing window was used to observe bubble size and activity and the shear forces imparted to different foulants.
  • Membrane compatibility - Eight inch membrane were tested to ensure no detrimental damage to membrane integrity.
  • Cleaning efficiency - many eight inch fouled membranes were taken from operational plants in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. They had different foulant combinations typically found in operating systems. These were cleaned in the Genesys pilot plant, autopsied and a range of operational parameters recorded to determine the increase of foulant removal.
  • Operational Systems - The final stage of testing used a number of operating systems across the world to compare foulant removal before and after use of the “Genairclean Method”

Can I use the Genairator system with Commodity Chemicals?

In our extensive testing schedule we found that using the Genesol cleaners with a Genairator gave cleaning improvement of greater than 50% compared with a 10% improvement with basic commodity type cleaners, even when used with a Genairator.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the Genairator system varies depending on the size/flow of the CIP system but for most mid range industrial RO systems the costs of the device is <$100 and installation is very simple. The long term reduction in cleaning frequency makes operational expenditure of the Genairclean system much more cost effective when compared with standard cleaning chemicals and regimes.

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A revolutionary new approach to
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