10 October 2009

Genesys Distributor Conference

In 2009 we held our fourth Genesys Distributor Conference which took place near Manchester in September. 38 delegates from 22 different countries attended the technical marketing and sales training workshop.

The very busy week culminated with a presentation dinner. Here's a roll call of the winners:

Special Project Award - Mrs Lamiae Dassouli & Mr Aziz Benhayoun, Morocco
Special Project Award - Mr Atul Shetty, Oman
New Distributor Award - Mr Raju Viswanathan, UAE
Outstanding Individual Award - Mr Mohammed El Sayed, Saudi Arabia

We rounded off the evening in style with a team competition involving traditional English pub games, including darts, shove ha'penny, pool and skittles.

The victors where Stephane Jarrige's team, comprising Ms Lamiae Dassouli, Ms Didem Avcu, Mr Larbi Mostefaoui, Mr Aziz Benhayoun, Mr Khaled Amarra and King of Connect Four, Mr Moez Meddeb Essoufi.

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