04 November 2009

Product developments

Just two years after its launch, Genesol 703 - a powdered alkaline cleaner - has become our most popular product for cleaning fouled membranes. In addition to its intended purpose of removing clay deposits, it has proved very effective at removing organic and microbiological fouling on reverse osmosis, nanofiltration and ultrafiltration membranes.

Word about these alternative applications for the product seems to have spread rapidly, leading to a surge in sales. As a result we've purchased a larger powder blender to cope with the increasing demand.

A new powdered acid cleaner, Genesol 702, is currently undergoing initial trials, with promising results. Due to the increasing popularity of ultrafiltration as a pre-treatment prior to reverse osmosis we're also working on developing a range of speciality UF membrane cleaners. We're hoping to launch these in early 2010.

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