02 October 2007

Genesys guest speaker at International Desalination workshop

The final major event of 2007 was a visit to Korea by Steve Chesters.

He was a guest speaker at the International Desalination Workshop at Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST) organized by Professor In S. Kim, director of the Center for Seawater Desalination, Professor Jaewon Cho of GIST and Professor Miriam Balaban Secretary General of the European Desalination Society. The keynote speaker was Professor Jan Schippers who addressed the 150 delegates on "MFI more than an alternative for SDI".

Steve's paper title was Innovations in the Inhibition of RO membrane scaling and fouling.(download here). Topics covered in the paper were operation of waste water RO plant, magnesium hydroxide scale inhibition in two stage high pH boron removal plant, membrane master scaling prediction software, sulphate reducing membrane treatment, a new product for cleaning clay from membranes and autopsy and particle counting techniques for membrane and pre-treatment plant.
The Koreans have set up an impressive five-year research programme called Seawater Engineering & Architecture of High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis (SEAHERO). This includes funding from government and industry and incorporates more than 400 researchers. The whole event ran very smoothly and our thanks go to Professors Kim and Balaban for the kind invitation to attend and to Youn Ah Min for her superb organisation and hospitality

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