17 February 2016

American Membrane Technology Association events

From 1-4 February we were at the AWWA/AMTA Membrane Technology Conference & Exposition in San Antonio, Texas. There were over 90 exhibitors and 140 papers presented. There was even a session in Spanish, where Fernando del Vigo presented a paper entitled ‘What’s New in RO Membrane Cleaning? Micro-Bubbles and High Ionic Strength Effervescent Cleaners Enhance RO Membrane Foulant Removal’. The conference was attended by over 1,000 people, making for another successful AMTA event.

At the end of April we’ll be at another AMTA event, this one focused on the oil industry. Due to be held in Houston, the theme of the AMTA/SCMA Joint Technology Transfer Workshop is Treating Non-Conventional Water Supplies Using Membrane Technology. I’ll be presenting a new paper – ‘Practical Examples of New Ways to Clean Membranes Fouled by Non-Conventional Water Sources’, which features three case studies from the oil industry. I’ll be explaining our new cleaning techniques, using effervescing reagents and inducted air to create microbubbles to enhance high ionic strength osmotic flush cleaning, and outlining the results of actual on-site cleans.

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