04 April 2016

Autopsies of the quarter

Recently we’ve been looking back at records of some of the heaviest membranes that have been sent to our labs for autopsy.

In January, Max Fazel received a membrane that should have weighed 16.5kg (36lbs) but actually topped the scales at 32.9kg (72lbs) due to heavy calcium sulphate scaling. After applying Genesol 701 high ionic strength acid cleaner with effervescent and then Genesol 50, our strong alkaline chelating cleaner, he managed to get the weight of the monster down to 17 kg. Quite a feat!

For more information on calcium sulphate removal contact Asif Sheikh at ashiekh@genesysro.com.

Not to be outdone, in March Nuria Peña at our Madrid labs received an element weighing 36.2kg (80lbs), suffering from both calcium sulphate and calcium carbonate scale. The scale was so tenacious that it was very difficult to remove the feed spacer from the membrane surface.

Scanning electron micrograph images clearly showed the presence of both calcium sulphate and calcium carbonate scale.

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