11 April 2016

New recruits

Two new recruits have joined us this month to help us penetrate the oil and gas industry.

Asif Sheikh is an old friend who has finally seen the light and joined Genesys. Asif joined Houseman in 1999, where he worked with Ted, Ursula, David and Max in the PermaCare division. After the merger with Nalco, Asif was posted to Dubai for twelve years as an industry development manager for desalination. His in-depth technical knowledge, years of experience and knowledge of the oil and gas industry make his skillset unique and we’re delighted to be working with him again.

Phil Morton is a graduate of Exeter University and has ten years’ experience in extraction and refining in Australia and Saudi Arabia. His wealth of knowledge in all aspects of extraction and processing will be invaluable to developing our business providing antiscalant and cleaning chemicals to membrane plants around the world.

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