10 May 2015

EuroMed 2015 – Palermo, Italy, 10-14 May

Usula Annunziata, Stephane Jarrige and Jonathan Hamp are currently attending the EDS’s 7th EuroMed conference on Desalination for Clean Water and Energy at the NH Hotel in Palermo, Italy.

As EDS president, Ursula will be making a welcome speech emphasising the importance of co-operation between the Mediterranean countries, regardless of whether they are European, Middle Eastern or North African. This will be followed by keynote speeches including an outline of the Red-Dead Sea joint project between Israel and Jordan. Over 130 papers will be presented in 30 sessions.

The conference is focusing on:

• the importance of co-operation between the countries of Europe, the southern rim of the Mediterranean, the Middle East and the Gulf
• the possibility of producing water for the region by desalination, sustainably and cost-effectively
• the most recent developments in desalination technology
• and the socio-economic and environmental issues involved.

You can find out more about the conference at www.desline.com/congress/Palermo2015/home.shtml.

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