10 March 2015

1,000th autopsy report

We’re delighted to announce that the winner of the 1,000th autopsy report was Rubén Borbolla, process manager at Empresa Mixta de Aguas Residuales de Alicante, part of AGBAR group. Rubén works at the EDAR Rincón de León 50,000m3/day tertiary effluent waste water treatment plant, which incorporates ultrafiltration (UF) and reverse osmosis plants.

Our sister company in Madrid, Genesys Membrane Products, has been conducting membrane autopsies since 2001. The 1,000th autopsy was carried out this March. We think this is a record for any membrane testing laboratory in the world, but we’re open to being corrected.

Nuria Peña has been working in the autopsy labs for 13 years and has published six papers during that time. Most recently she has been working on developing new techniques for UF membrane autopsy. Her paper on the topic will be published at the International Desalination Association World Congress in San Diego in September 2015. If you would like a sneak preview, Nuria is happy to share the technical specification of her UF autopsy techniques on request. Just email npena@genesysro.es.

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