10 December 2014

Genairclean results

We launched our Genairclean microbubble membrane cleaning technology in October 2013 after a three year, €0.5 million research project.

Following extensive lab and pilot plant testing, we’ve now installed Genairclean in more than ten plants. The graph below shows the normalised differential pressure on the first stage of a wastewater reverse osmosis plant in the UK.

Since using our new patented microbubble technology, the normalised differential pressure has dropped from 3.8 bar to 0.8 bar. The cleaning frequency in the first half of 2013 using conventional cleaning chemicals was every 10.5 days. In 2014, the plant has only needed cleaning every 41 days, extending membrane life and operational efficiency.

You can download the latest paper on these results from our website.

If you’re struggling with a difficult-to-clean RO, NF, UF or ceramic membrane plant, please get in touch.

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