09 December 2014

Recent conference news

In the last three months we’ve attended the following conferences and exhibitions:

IX Ibero-American Congress on Membrane Science and Technology (CITEM) 2014, Santander
Nuria Peña presented a paper entitled ‘Detection of damages on reverse osmosis membranes’, which was well received.

AWT Association of Water Technologies Annual Convention and Exposition, Fort Worth, Texas
Our chairman Mike Hunter and I attended this conference, aimed at small and medium-sized US water treatment companies. There were 116 exhibitors and over 1,000 attendees. The convention was topped off with a visit to the Dallas Cowboys’ football stadium.

American Membrane Technology Association (AMTA) Technology Transfer Workshop on Membrane Use in Petroleum & Mineral Mining, Keystone, Colorado
Fernando and I attended and listened to papers on some innovative systems and technologies. We managed to get in a couple of days’ skiing in as well.

Techno Sri Lanka 2014 – National Engineering and Technology Exhibition (Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka)
Membrane technology is being used increasingly in Sri Lanka to combat poisoned groundwater in central districts, where the population is suffering from kidney disease. Jonathan Hamp and I attended with our new distributor, Watercare Technologies.

International Water Conference, San Antonio, Texas (Engineers’ Society of Western Pennsylvania)
Ted Darton and Ursula Annunziata attended the 75th anniversary conference, the biggest for many years, with over 100 exhibitors.

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