02 October 2015

7th Genesys distributor conference

Our network of over 60 distributors enables us to supply our specialist antiscalant and membrane cleaning technology worldwide. The distributors are critical to our business, so every two years we hold a conference to thank them for all their hard work. It’s also an opportunity for distributors to pick up new technical skills and find out about our latest product developments.

This September more than 50 delegates joined us from 28 countries for our 7th distributor conference at Peckforton Castle in Cheshire. See more photos from the event here [https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bu7axtf4hwcrorv/AACZP3nt7vF-7DA7hHlDcdoBa?dl=0].

The theme of the conference was technical selling by solving problems. On day one the presenters went through a root and branch analysis of a reverse osmosis (RO) plant, exploring and explaining the equipment from intake to outlet and its impact on water quality. Further sessions focusing on data collection and interpretation and cleaning-in-place (CIP) system design and operation gave the delegates a detailed insight into the information to collect during a site survey and why.

Day two was a hands-on session at the newly-equipped research and development facility at our factory in Middlewich. Max Fazel and new boy Jonathan Cook demonstrated our flat sheet test rigs and autopsy techniques. Fernado del Vigo and Oscar Salmeron then gave a masterclass on how various types of membranes and filters are constructed and how they work and demonstrated different types of fouling and scaling and where they occur. Delegates had the opportunity to inspect a variety of membrane samples close up. Finally Ted Darton and John Eckersley ran a class on our RO pilot plant to demonstrate element loading, probing and cleaning. The sessions left delegates confident about the detailed structure of membranes and the techniques we use to autopsy membranes, identify deposits and establish the optimum cleaning regime.

In the evening we had a British pub quiz, with some ferocious competition between teams with some very interesting names: Saigon Tunas, Zorba the Samurai, Morocknroll, E=mc Hammer, Polish Water, Septics, Googlies and Real Madrid. After a close-fought contest, the joint winners were the Septics (USA and Israel) and the Googlies (South Africa, India and Bangladesh).

Day three concentrated on putting the information learnt into context. Six real case studies showed how detailed surveys, data collection and interpretation, autopsy and cleaning tests can help distributors win business by demonstrating how we can solve a customer’s problems. In the afternoon, delegates came together in teams to interpret real completed survey forms, water analyses, autopsies and cleaning tests. They used our Membrane Master 4 software to identify solutions to the problems involved in each case then presented their findings to the group.

The conference finished on a high note with a gala dinner, featuring speeches, an award ceremony and a showcase of Genesys talent, with performances from Ursula Annunziata and Oscar Salmeron.

The award winners were:
Fastest Growing Distributor Award – Saudi Arabia
Genesol 700 Cleaner Award – Oman
Individual Sales Award – UAE
Best New Distributor Award – Bangladesh
Special Growth Award – Japan
Longest Serving Distributor Award – Barcelona
Three Year Growth Award – Mauritius & Seychelles

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