28 April 2014

The latest on Genairclean

Our new microbubble-powered membrane cleaning system, Genairclean, is now being used at multiple sites across the UK, US and UAE, with exciting results.

Matt Armstrong and our Australian distributor, Tom Stonely, have recently applied it to carry out some UF cleans at a system near Perth, Western Australia. Watch this space for more details of this trial.

We will be presenting two papers focused on Genairclean at the European Desalination Society conference in Cyprus in May. Max Fazel will present results from a WWRO plant in the UAE and I will be presenting new data from a WWRO plant in the UK. To give you a taster, the UK plant has been able to reduce its cleaning frequency from weekly to every eight weeks. Permeate production has increased by over 50% and differential pressure drop across the first stage has reduced from 2.5 bar to 0.6 bar.

If you run an RO plant that requires frequent cleaning and would like to trial the Genairclean system, please contact Matt at marmstrong@genesysro.com.

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