05 August 2013

Genairclean - research paper expected in Oct

Our research and development team, headed by Max Fazel and Rachel Wilson, has been working on the Genairclean project for almost three years now.

Genairclear is a revolutionary membrane cleaning method, which brings together multiple cleaning mechanisms - detergent, surfactant, chelant and effervescent - to remove deposits from reverse osmosis and nanofiltration membranes.

Soaking with our high ionic strength cleaners causes movement of permeate through normal osmosis across the membrane, gently lifting the foulant layers. We then introduce air through an energy-neutral method. In combination with our cleaners this creates a pulsing stream of microbubbles, which mechanically disrupt deposits on the membrane surface. As a result more fouling is removed in a shorter time than with standard cleaning.

We’re currently conducting a number of field trials to demonstrate the process on wastewater reverse osmosis and membrane bioreactor reverse osmosis systems and will be presenting papers on our findings at IDA Tianjin in October.

If you’re interested in this new technology, please contact me at schesters@genesysro.com.

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