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01 mayo 2017
Some of the Genesys team and their partners enjoyed a fabulous weekend away this April in Porto, Portugal. Porto is famous for its port wine, bridges and churches and for inspiring JK Rowling to write her Harry Potter books. Our group of 26 spotted
05 abril 2017
Our most notable autopsy so far this year was conducted on a membrane that was suspected of being damaged following chemical cleaning. The clean had been conducted using a homemade batch of sodium hydroxide and EDTA, followed by hydrochloric acid. Th
01 marzo 2017
Both Max Fazel in the UK and Nuria Peña in Madrid have continued to test Genesol 61, our pH-neutral cleaner. What we are finding is that using it after cleaning with Genesol 704, our multifunction high pH cleaner with effervescent, gives better resu
12 diciembre 2016
The objective of membrane cleaning is to remove foulants, restore operational parameters and reduced the required cleaning frequency.
Foulant identification is key to efficient cleaning. Our autopsy of membranes and cartridge filters will identi
07 diciembre 2016
As such a huge proportion of our potential market is outside the UK, travel is vital to the success of our business. This year our eight technical managers have made 99 trips to 42 different countries to visit membrane plants, train and support dis
01 diciembre 2016
In 2012 we received a £300k grant from the Technology Strategy Board to help us research and develop our Genairclean microbubble membrane cleaning technique and products. This enabled us to buy and install new state-of-the art lab equipment and our
01 noviembre 2016
In October, the Lord Lieutenant of Cheshire, David Briggs, attended an event as Her Majesty the Queen’s representative, to present our third Queen’s Award. In his congratulatory speech Mr Briggs mentioned that he believes Genesys is the only comp
16 octubre 2016
Next March, Matt Armstrong will be walking 100km in 24 hours to raise money for charity. Here are a few words from him: I hope you don’t mind but while we’ve got your undivided attention, I wanted to take the opportunity to call on your generosi
11 octubre 2016
Recently we’ve been helping the Chittagong Port Authority in Bangladesh to improve the operation of the reverse osmosis plants that supply water to the port. The port, which handles 90% of Bangladesh’s imports and exports, is one of the largest i
04 octubre 2016
It has recently come to light that one of the founding fathers of desalination, a Frenchman called Dr Alphonse Normandy, lived in London’s Bloomsbury in the 1850s. He developed equipment for desalinating sea water to produce drinking water, which w

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