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16 octubre 2016
Next March, Matt Armstrong will be walking 100km in 24 hours to raise money for charity. Here are a few words from him: I hope you don’t mind but while we’ve got your undivided attention, I wanted to take the opportunity to call on your generosi
11 octubre 2016
Recently we’ve been helping the Chittagong Port Authority in Bangladesh to improve the operation of the reverse osmosis plants that supply water to the port. The port, which handles 90% of Bangladesh’s imports and exports, is one of the largest i
04 octubre 2016
It has recently come to light that one of the founding fathers of desalination, a Frenchman called Dr Alphonse Normandy, lived in London’s Bloomsbury in the 1850s. He developed equipment for desalinating sea water to produce drinking water, which w
01 agosto 2016
Matt and David represented Genesys at Buckingham Palace on 14 July to receive our third Queen’s Award from Her Majesty, followed by a cocktail reception. We won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise (International Trade) based on six years of continu
06 julio 2016
His Holiness Pope Francis is a dedicated advocate of protecting the Earth’s precious water. In an extract from his encyclical letter Laudato Si’ 30, he wrote, “We know that water is a scarce and indispensable resource and a fundamental right wh
31 mayo 2016
18 May marked the State Opening of Parliament. The Queen left Buckingham Palace in a golden carriage, escorted by the Household Cavalry, to travel in procession to the Palace of Westminster. Ted Darton and Ursula Annunziata were fortunate to visit th
21 abril 2016
For the third time in our 15-year history, we have won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the International Trade category. Originally established as The Queen’s Awards to Industry, the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are the UK’s highest offi
11 abril 2016
Two new recruits have joined us this month to help us penetrate the oil and gas industry. Asif Sheikh is an old friend who has finally seen the light and joined Genesys. Asif joined Houseman in 1999, where he worked with Ted, Ursula, David and Max i
04 abril 2016
Recently we’ve been looking back at records of some of the heaviest membranes that have been sent to our labs for autopsy. In January, Max Fazel received a membrane that should have weighed 16.5kg (36lbs) but actually topped the scales at 32.9kg
01 abril 2016
Membrane manufacturers specify strict parameters for membrane cleaning chemicals, pH, temperature and methodology. Extremes of alkalinity and temperature can result in hydrolysis of the cellulose acetate, or polyamide, rejection layer of a membrane.

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