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Membrane fouling
Prevention and removal
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Selecting an effective solution More
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Membrane Fouling

Prevention and removal

Although membrane fouling is often caused by issues with pre-treatment, in some cases the effects can be controlled by correct antiscalant selection and dosage.

We can also recommend speciality cleaning products for the successful removal of foulants, however it is important to apply the cleaning products correctly. We can design a specific cleaning programme for you - please click here. to let us know your requirements

Foulants Information Antiscalant Cleaners
Biofouling - accumulation of microorganisms such as bacteria, algae, and fungi on the membrane surface, resulting in the formation of biofilms. Specialist attention should be paid to alkaline cleaning, antiscalant selection, pre-treatment and shut down procedures. Genesys LF -
does not act as a nutrient source
Prevention: Genesol 30, 32 biocides, Removal: Genesol 40 and 703
Iron - common type of foulant found on membrane surfaces. Sources of iron include naturally occurring iron in most feed waters, overdosing of ferric based coagulants and corrosion products from distribution systems. Genesys LF -
will sequester iron
Genesol 38
Alumino-silicate (clay) - naturally occurring colloidal particles, which have not been removed by the pre-treatment system. Difficult to remove from lead elements due to impermeability. N/A Genesol 703 - difficult to remove, consult Genesys for prootcol design
Aluminium - membrane fouling can often occur as a result of excessive dosing of aluminium coagulants and poor operation of the filtration system. It is very difficult to remove from the membrane surface. Genesys LF - will sequester aluminium ions Special conditions of pH required, Genesol 34 and 36 - consult Genesys for detailed protocol
Manganese - less common than iron fouling. When water containing manganese is oxidised, insoluble colloidal hydroxide particles are formed. Genesys LF will sequester manganese Genesol 38 & 40

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