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Feed water and pre-treatment tests

In order to optimise the operation of a membrane plant it's essential to fully understand the chemical nature of the feed water.

From statistical analysis of the results of membrane autopsies we've carried out over the past ten years, we have concluded that more than 50% of membrane fouling and failure events result from inadequate pre-treatment. Other common causes of failure include incorrect antiscalant and chemical dosage.

In order to design a suitable pre-treatment regime for a new facility or optimise an existing one, it's important to characterise the nature of the feed water. Depending on customer requirements, in addition conventional chemical analysis of the dissolved compounds present, this may involve:

feed water analysis and antiscalant projection analysis to predict scaling potential
(this will identify the correct antiscalant and dose rate in both brackish and sea water RO plants and also the optimum operating conditions)
particle counting in raw water and at various stages of pre-treatment
(evaluation on different filtration systems)
colloidal matter characterisation and analysis on SDI membranes or microfilters coagulation and flocculation trials
(these enable us to design a suitable flocculant or coagulant treatment programme to remove potentially harmful particulates)
simulation studies to test efficiency of different filter media and/or treatments and laboratory scale performance tests.

Membrane Autopsies

Main cause of failures detected

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