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Membrane replacement cost are a significant factor in long term operational expenditure, any increase in membrane life is a welcome addition to a chemical treatment regime.

Freuent poorly controlled cleaning preocedures can result in membrane damage with a consequent deterioration in performance. Taking into account lost production and input of man hours membrane cleaning can become an expensive process.

It is therefore vital that correct chemicals and procedures are adopted to ensure optimum foulant removal and minimum cleaning frequency. The aim of a well designed cleaning procedure is as follows:

Restore Operating parameters, flow, pressure and water quality

Minimise cleaning downtime

Maximise time between cleaning cycles.

Genesys has designed a range of chemical solutions to remove a variety of foulants commonly found in RO/UF and NF systems including metal founlants such as iron and manganese, organics and biofilms and also inorganic deposites such as calcium carbonate and silica.

Conditions of pH, temperature and contact time are vital for optimum efficiency and to prevent damage to the membranes. A thorough understanding how different foulants interact both in the laboratory and in the field helps us design the correct cleaning programme for your system.

Our laboratory is equipped to analyse a sample of your membrane which will enable us to identify the most appropriate cleaning method. Our experienced team will then design the correct CIP (cleaning in place) programme for your plant. Please complete & return the following survey for to allow us to assist with your cleaning requirements:

Membrane cleaning wizard
The Membrane Cleaning Wizard is a simple online tool to help you work out the best way to clean a reverse osmosis membrane. Just complete the form below then click SUBMIT for details of how to accurately assess scaling or fouling problems and produce an effective cleaning protocol.
What type of feed water are you using? What is your product water flow? Which stage has a problem? Describe your pressure drop change Describe your feed pressure change Conductivity/TDS Change   Submit

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