04 November 2017

Remembering Jens Nähring – 23 October 1966 - 2 September 2017

By Ursula Annunziata

Many of us at Genesys had known Jens and his family for a number of years – some of us for more than 20. He was always an inspiration to work with, with a mind which flitted easily from one topic to another, making him quick to spot solutions and technical opportunities that others missed. Above all, he was a kind, thoughtful and totally enthusiastic friend, and a wonderful husband and father to his four children.

Jens and his wife Marcy, (who he once sent to our distributor conference in his place!), had a dream to go to Africa, and Mozambique in particular, to help with water supply, but mainly to help the local population to come to know God. The family’s life revolved around God, in a very simple and open way, and Jens was always ready to talk about how his religion could help everyone.

There were around 500 people at his funeral, and many gave testimonies – little stories about things he had done and said. Markus Weber, who worked in Jens’ company as sales and service manager, gave a moving account of Jens and his ‘great grace’, expressing everyone’s disbelief and deep grief over his death:

“Jens was an incredibly lively and humorous person, who liked to laugh and to joke, and music was a matter of heart to him.

“It was important for him to sit together with us during lunch break. He then talked about the company, his family, his recent experiences, and he spoke about Jesus.

“Jens, as a chemist and natural scientist, was a perfectionist, a visionary, a genius. Giving up was never an option for him. He improvised a way out of every tense situation and, if necessary, could even build a rocket from a ballpoint pen.

“Jens was an absolute multitasker. He was always busy with several things at the same time. Then he always said with a twinkling eye, ‘I have to clean up now.’ With his sometimes short visits to the individual departments, Jens was able to leave us in a kind of positive despair after he left.

“He trusted us and always encouraged us to try things out. And then he was honestly excited about small steps and successes. If mistakes happened, Jens would say, ‘There are no mistakes, there are only possibilities for progress.’”

Markus finished by referring again to the grace we all noticed in Jens: “This grace and mercy was written in his face. We continue to receive this grace. Every day.”

Another colleague said, “Jens was a great scientist, a great leader, a great Christian, and a great father and husband. He had an impact on the world and even though he is now with the Lord, he will continue to influence us here on Earth. He showed us all how to give, which is quite a gift for sure.”

He is a great loss to us all.

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