01 March 2017

News from the labs

Both Max Fazel in the UK and Nuria Peña in Madrid have continued to test Genesol 61, our pH-neutral cleaner. What we are finding is that using it after cleaning with Genesol 704, our multifunction high pH cleaner with effervescent, gives better results than a conventional second stage clean using acid.

Unless calcium carbonate or calcium phosphate scale still needs to be removed, using acid for second stage cleaning will not improve results. In fact it normally reduces flux and has no impact on further foulant removal. On the other hand, because it is neutral and effective at metal chelation, Genesol 61 gives enhanced cleaning and further improvement in flux.

The most common type of deposit we find on first stage lead elements is composed of clay, biofilm and organics in a complex matrix with metals, normally iron. Using the Genairclean system with microbubbles is proving to be more effective on these difficult-to-remove deposits than conventional techniques and works more quickly.

For further information or pictures of cleaned membrane samples, contact mfazel@genesysro.com.

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