09 May 2017

Distributor conference

It’s that time again. Every two years we hold our distributor conference to provide technical training and updates and develop strategies for increasing sales. 40 of our distributors will be joining us for the conference in September, where the theme will be sales strategy for winning large plant business.

After the success of the last event, we decided to use the same venue again this year – Peckforton Castle in Tarporley. This will be the first time we’ve used a venue twice, but frankly we didn’t think we could ever find a better one.

We will be focusing on new product launches, autopsy techniques and combining our site surveying, troubleshooting and analytical skills to formulate improved technical packages for difficult-to-treat large plants. This approach plays to strengths embodied within Genesys and our distributor network, which will result in distinct benefits for customers.

Genesys staff and distributors will present case studies of situations where they have successfully won significant business. The stories behind the sales, including getting customers involved in our analytical work and setting joint goals to improve plant operation, will help us all learn from their successes.

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