12 June 2007

Website makeover drives up traffic

Steve Chesters and Silvia Gallego were behind a major makeover of the Genesys
website that has trebled the volume of traffic and delivers daily sales leads from around the world. The bright, new site now helps clients choose the technology and products they need to solve problems. There is also a section on laboratory services from the Genesys laboratory and research centre in Madrid.

Steve said: "The new site has company and staff information, lab pictures and explanations of the problems associated with reverse osmosis membranes, and the best products to choose to optimise performance. "There are details of software you can use on-line and request copies of, as well as a selection chart and data on products. "The volume of traffic through the website doubled initially after it went live on July 12 last year and has now trebled over the original level." Most of the traffic to the web-site is from the Middle East and USA

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