08 December 2015

Reflections on a decade at Genesys

It’s coming up to the end of my tenth year at Genesys and working with RO membranes. For the 18 years prior to that I had been involved in boiler and cooling water treatment and control of pathogenic microorganisms in water systems.

I remember my first conference vividly. It was the European Desalination Society conference in Montpelier, in May 2006, with Ted Darton and Ursula Annunziata. There I met Veronique Bonnelye from Degremont, Ralf Krüger of Inge and Erineous Koutsakos from Larnaca Desalination Plant, as well as Nidal Hilal and Graeme Pearce. I was hopelessly out of my depth, having never worked with membranes before, but all the above were so helpful in explaining the basics to me and pointing out that not everyone is an expert in everything.

This was the first time I had been to a conference where papers were presented and I found it very informative. A crash course in membranes!

As you can see from the picture here, our stand was quite primitive compared with the set-up for exhibitions we attend now. Genesys was starting to become better known in the market but still had only 12 distributors. How things have changed in ten years. We now have more than 60 distributors and business has quadrupled. Our in-house team has doubled in size and we now have our own factory and warehouse, new offices and a fully-equipped research and development centre.

Our experienced technical experts travel all over the world to train our distributors and troubleshoot plants that are not operating well. David Golding covers the Middle East, Matt Armstrong Asia and Eastern Europe, Stephane Jarrige Canada, North Africa and French-speaking parts of the world and Jonathan Hamp covers the rest of Africa and North West Europe. These guys are constantly travelling and are mainly responsible for the sales growth we’ve seen.

The past ten years have flown by and have been the most enjoyable of my career. It often strikes me that this is a unique industry, with levels of collaboration and co-operation not seen in many others. Huge thanks to everyone who has helped Genesys, and me personally, along the way, and particularly to Ursula and Ted for taking the gamble of hiring me in the first place! I’m sure the next ten years will be just as rewarding and exciting.

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