30 April 2015

Helping California tackle its water shortage

After submitting information on our microbubble membrane technology – Genairclean – I was invited to present at the US Water TAG 9 meeting hosted by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California on 22 April.

TAG (Technology Approval Groups) is a global innovation forum of the world’s leading water utilities, established by UK Company Isle Utilities in 2005. TAG accelerates the market uptake of ‘step-change’ technologies by engaging the industry. There were five technologies on show: robotic pipe repair, optimisation software, asset management, a novel pipework hydropower system and our microbubble membrane cleaning.

There are a number of wastewater reclamation schemes in California that use reverse osmosis to produce water suitable for irrigation or recharging aquifers. The heavy load of biofilm that builds up at these plants means they need frequent cleaning and Genairclean has proved to be particularly effective here, while minimising membrane damage.

California’s worst drought in 1,200 years has resulted in state emergency conservation regulations coming into force this year banning the use of potable water:

• to wash sidewalks and driveways
• to wash cars with a hose without an auto-shut-off valve
• in decorative water features that do not recirculate the water
• for outdoor irrigation during and 48 hours following measurable precipitation.

Only 20% of water used in California is used in the Metropolitan districts. The rest is used predominantly for agriculture. Unfortunately the ability to manufacture new fresh water via sea water desalination seems to be blocked by over-regulation, resulting in a major crisis.

The responsibility for conserving water seems to have fallen on the water districts and the population. This attracted more than 40 attendees to the event, representing 16 water districts, all keen to find out more about the options available for conserving, recycling and reusing water, as well as making more available.

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