30 July 2014

Madrid autopsy laboratory update – more than RO autopsies

The Genesys Membrane Products autopsy lab in Madrid, Spain has now conducted over 800 brackish and sea water autopsies, giving lab manager Nuria Pena an extensive and unique database to draw on. Her analysis of this data has resulted in papers evaluating the impact of fouling on membrane performance, analysing membrane damage and looking at the impact of transition metals on the oxidation of sea water RO membranes.

As a complement to membrane autopsies, the lab team has been using new techniques to analyse cartridge filters and silt density index filter papers. These analyses can provide an indication of what deposits may be present on a membrane without having to autopsy the membrane itself.

The team has also developed protocols for different types of UF membrane in response to an increasing number of requests to conduct autopsies on hollow fibre ultra-filtration membranes.

In the last month they have also completed their first autopsy on a 16-inch element.

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