05 June 2012

Ursula to continue as EDS VP

Genesys co-founder and Sales Director, Ursula Annunziata, was elected for another four-year term, as Vice President of the European Desalination Society (EDS). Thank you to all members who voted for her.

Ursula has been a board member for over ten years, working tirelessly to help the President, Miriam Balaban, and the whole society. I met up with Miriam in China recently, and it struck me that maybe the number of women involved in the desalination industry these days is down to her pioneering spirit in the early days, with a little help from Ursula!

The EDS board now has 12 members, and with the recent additions of Sophie Bertrand from Degremont, Marta Farriols from BWA and Olga Sallangos from Caramondani, women outnumber men 7:5. I’m pleased to note that two new men were elected as well – Giorgio Micale from Palermo University and Hans Vrouwenvelder from TU Delft.

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